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Geo Unit Four

Main Ideas
  • What were the major achievements of the ancient Greeks in: government, culture, art, science, and philosophy?
  • What were the similarities and differences of the Spartan and Athenian lifestyles and governments?
  • What were the myths that the Greeks believed?
  • Who was Alexander the Great? How was he able to control such a large empire?

Unit Four Readings download only  
  1. coinage (def. having to do with money)
  2. patriotic
  3. oligarchy
  4. magistrate 
  5. helots* might not be in dictionary, use google 
  6. perioikoi* might not be in dictionary, use google
  7. democracy
  8. aristocrat
  9. ostracism
  10. myth
  11. empire
  12. philosopher
  13. symposium
  14. hoplite* might not be in dictionary, use google
  15. phalanx*might not be in dictionary, use google
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