Wed 5/4

posted Jun 4, 2014, 3:39 AM by Erik Mylenek
Warm ups

finish replacing the background of Lundie's school picture. Make sure you export it to your V: drive. 
updated instructions

Try some new stuff in GIMP. Choose one or more of the tutorials. Be patient and quietly help each other. Make sure you export the finished image.
All gimp picture will be due this Friday.

shave a guy's face with gimp - easy - find a picture of a guy with a light beard. Follow the video, export the shaved face.

change some colors - easy - find some colorful images with white backgrounds. Change the colors. I like the fruit example.

pencil drawing - medium - Any image will do. Follow the instructions to turn it into a pencil sketch

Obama poster - medium - Find a simple picture of a face with a blank background. Make sure you don't skip any steps. The results are really sweet.

stereographic projection - medium - you need a landscape picture with lots of sky.