Mon 1/5

posted Jan 4, 2015, 8:59 AM by Erik Mylenek
Welcome back!

  1. Warm ups
  2. NEW STUFF - we'll be focusing on design until at least the end of quarter three. We'll spend this week getting to know a new program called "sketch up". Just like scratch, it's free, so if you enjoy it, you can download it at home. We will be using a PDF text book for this portion of the class. It can be found in the sketch-up folder on the both the MS & GS shared drives. 
  3. today we'll start lesson one in our books. I'll show you how to turn it in tomorrow.

***Scratch grades. Teachers will vote on team projects this Wednesday. Double check that you submitted a link to your game. I'll still take scratch stuff up until report cards are due, but you have to work from home. No scratch in class anymore...:(