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Tue 12/1

posted Nov 30, 2015, 5:29 PM by Erik Mylenek
warm ups - base 10

I'll show you a few new tricks for your jumping game. I'd like a few volunteers to show of what they have so far. 
Please email me if you already have your partners picked. You need someone by the beginning of class Monday or I'm picking for you. 

Game 7 - jumping
Your final game should have -
  • A sprite that jumps using gravity (the script I showed you or a better one)
  • a way to interact with the stage (lava, water, spikes, anything that restarts the game)
  • multiple levels (10+ if you are doing the easy version)
  • variables (life, time, points, etc)
Side scroll tutorial for those who were interested - How to make a side scroller